Thursday, 16 June 2005

Working away

In another anonymous hotel - which is supposed to have a pool and gym but they are in fact across the street, and uninspiring.
So here I am in my hotel room and trying to blog by email. I can post by email but not keep up with all your blogs:<(
But I am not as lonely as I mlght be because I have just spent a few hours with a good friend putting the world right and making each other smile.
Home tomorrow:>)
and I WILL run on Saturday

but not too far!


b-z said...


C A D said...

Glad you had a nice time out beanz and not too lonely this time. Must be hard work being away from home alot.

beanz said...


hi girlies

aren't friends great??

C A D said...

beanzie - friends are the best!


RobW said...

Just thought I'd pop in say hello as well.

b-z said...