Saturday, 18 June 2005

phew what a scorcher!

For family logistic reasons I went to the gym today, rather than a run.

This was a good decision given the temperature outside!

It was very muggy this morning but is now just simply HOT!

So to the gym for some core strength, CV and stretching

What: 10 minutes XC > stretch > 1 km rower > core strength stuff > 1 km rower > 10 minutes tready > stretch
Time: just an hour
AHR over whole session : 118 56%

left leg felt fine - so no excuse not to run now

strangely I drove mrbeanz's car later this morning and could feel twinges in my hammy - somehting to do with relative position of seat and clutch. I don't get this in my car. Maybe have to stick to my big noisy MPV

this is the plan for the week

Sunday : W5:R30:W5
Monday : swim + phyzz
Tuesday : rest day - in York
Wednesday : club run - 50 minutes???? not sure about this - would dearly love to do it but is it a bit soon to do that after 2 weeks off running?
Thursday : gym - strength + CV rower
Friday : W5:R35:W5
Saturday : rest day
Sunday : W5:R35:W5


Leon said...

Been thinking about that beanz..
the club run might be fine - you won't have run for a couple of days - but only you will know how it feels - and will you be able to finish earlier if you need to...?

It might be the Friday run that is the one you may need to rethink...

Listen to what your body is saying - it'll tell you if it's too much!!!

[shakes head in disbelief]
Did I just say that......???

beanz said...

thanks for the feedback :>)

can always go for a swim if the legs are not up to running on Friday

will let you know ...

C A D said...

"It might be the Friday run that is the one you may need to rethink...

Listen to what your body is saying - it'll tell you if it's too much!!!

Listen to him Beanz!!! Oy Mr - you'd do well to listen to yourself you know!!


and beanz if it were me, I don't think the club run would be any good for me... I'm the slowest at my club (not been since I found out about Beanie because I'm so knackered!) so I'd avoid it until I can keep up - but like Leon said, it might be the Friday run that's the problem.


beanz said...

I've been to the club once, Cath, and they were sooo nice to plod at my pace

and I have not been back for several weeks so I want to go again so they don't think I didn't like them - cos I want to join if it works out

and its ok - we can save up these quotes for when he needs them back!

Leon said...

Hey you two.....

You gangin' up on me or what...?


Leon said...

I'll have you know that over that last month I absolutely have not been overdoing my training


[chuckles to self]

beanz said...

erm - so you haven't been listenig to your body then??

I can hear it from here 'lets get out there and RUN'

Leon said...



[Brushes dust off running shoes]
"Cough cough cough cough"

[Looks around]

Anyone know what I do with these...??