Sunday, 19 June 2005

Oh what a beautiful morning!

I can feel a song coming on here!

Well I have just had a very slow, very good plod.

Up early to beat the heat, I went out on my usual boring route, but with very little traffic, lots of birds singing and a freshness in the air it was a pleasure to run this morning.

Back through the park there were rabbits and squirrels, fluffy Canada goslings, more birds and the wonderful smells of summer. Not forgetting the tiny frog I just managed to avoid treading on!

And how did it feel in the legs? Thanks to Pix's advice to stretch the calf as soon as it began to tighten, that was fine; my knee was fine too - I ocudl feel it, but no pain :>))


what: W5:R30:W5 - timing the turnaround so that the W5 coincided with the steep uphill drag at the end
distance: 2.74 miles (ok you could have walked it quicker but I'm back on track)
AHR: 135 overall; 141 on run phase

and tomorrow?

no, I am not going out again, much as I would love to

stick to the plan and swim and phyzz


Leon said...

Well done you...
a nice gentle start is just what was needed


C A D said...

hey beanz... if you start singing.. maybe we should get Leon to blow his trumpet along with you..?


Lovely morning for running

well, for some... (sigh)


beanz said...

so you've heard me sing then?

definitely need him blowing his trumpet nice and loud!

Leon said...

[Big Deep Trumpeters Breath]

You ladies are in for such a treat..



beanz said...

Is that the best you can do?

C A D said...

'parp'...? Isn't that 'trumping' rather than trumpeting..?


Leon said...

I was just getting warmed up


You have no patience....

[Outstanding version of the Haydn Trumpet Concerto follows]

Ahhh.. enjoyed that - haven't played that in public for nearly 20 years.

Ok - next...?

beanz said...

hey that is great - you should blow your own trumpet more often!

RobW said...

I'll trade you Leon's Trumpting for mykids crazy frog humming.

Nice work beanz keep it up.

b-z said...

Nice one beanz