Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Warm Wednesday

very muggy at 6 this morning in spite of thunderstorms last night

Back from a good plod 3.1 miles W5:R35:W1.5 for the first time in Cambridge I decided to explore some of the many cycle paths criss crossing the meadows behind the hotel - why have I not done it before?
actually I suppose the reason is that most of my Cambridge running this year has been dark winter mornings.

Now a question for all you medical peeps.What is the physiological explanation for the toxic twenty - it really does take 20 minutes for me to stop thinking 'I don't wa t to do this' and will the twenty qet less if I get fitter?


Elle said...

At least it's toxic twenty! I suffer from toxic thirty. I only start to enjoy running after 30 minutes and that's probably why I hate speedwork.

I'd rather run slowish for an hour than fast for 20 minutes. I'm predestined to plod..

Windsurfin' Susie said...

I'd never heard of the 'Toxic Twenty' before, but I'm afaid it holds true for me and I reckon I'm quite fit. 2 days after my long weekend slow 16+ miler, my work session run at a steady-brisk pace is a real effort for 2-3miles before I 'zone in' - roughly 20 minutes! Curious!

b-z said...

i think it depends on what type of training you do

it used to be 10 mins for me
i never warmup and since embraing long distance-its 20 at least for me too