Monday, 27 June 2005

Forgot my kit!

But that hasn't stopped me....

Yes as I arrived in Reading I realised that although I had packed my socks and shoes I hadn't packed top or shorts :(

So I have run in t shirt and trousers - a bit sweaty but at least I ran.

Started off running round a field first lap 7 minutes, didn't want to do that 5 times - I don't know how people train on a track round and round and round .....:.
So off round a bigger loop - still only 12 minutes so off to explore the campus. And I found a path which ended up by a lake. A lovely trail - and finished my 35 minutes on this trail. Time to walk back to my room. But I have no idea where I am!
I find a campus map but it takes me some time to orient myself - I thought I was quite good at map reading but a couple of incidents recently have made me doubt it!

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