Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Resting ...

Knee felt dreaful when I went to bed - thought I'd never get comforatbale, whole leg ached.

had a couple of neurofen+ and eventually slept for 5 hours then a couple more

better this morning - but no running or gymming today :<(

off to Cambridge tomorrow until Saturday

some walking there - hotel is 20 minutes from office, so need knee to be able to cope with that

could do with some new 'walking sandals' - any suggestions?

Monday, 30 May 2005

running too often

I have come to the conclusion that I cannot run every day :<(

Every time I up the frequency I get an injury

I felt fine this morning, less stiff than for a while

but 25 minutes into my run my knee just yelled out at me to stop,

unfortunately the last 5 minutes of running home was steep uphill - so I limped rather slowly

I am currently sitting with the third icing of the day.

So - I am going to aim for every other day - with gym sessions in between for strength and CV.

But a rest day tomorrow unless there is a miracle improvement overnight.

Trouble is that sitting and resting it just makes it seize up.

what :

what: W5 R25 :L5
where: 2.4 miles of road and park
pace: 14:38 mm
AHR: 136

Sunday, 29 May 2005

Sunny Sunday

Up early for a run this morning

if I don't go out first thing it is so easy to not make it out the door - everything else seems to crowd in

so off I went whilst everyone else dozed - at last I feel like I am back into it - out 5 time this week plus a gym session.

then lots of gardening this afternoon

so a good day :>)

what: W5 R30
where: 2.5 miles along the main road
pace: 14:10 mm
AHR: 135

Friday, 27 May 2005

mad dogs and forumites ....

I had this good idea that peeople who'd been to the forumite wedding would meet for a run the next day.

Make it an 11.30 meet, giving peeps time to recover from the excesses of the night before, eat and digest breakfast and recover from last night's dehydration.

But that meant we were running at midday on the hottest day in May since ....

So we (Hammerite, Red Haired Girl and Runnybunny and I) met up and went for a plod, after a gentle walk by the river eventually we got going and RB and hammer zoomed off ino the distance whilst RHG and I plodded along at BT HR and chatted.

the fast peeps passed usand went on to do a second loop whilst we relaxed in the shade, did a few stretches and waited their return

Then a meet with the happy couple for lunch and fond farewells - hope they get to Heathrow in time!

what: 2.19 miles with good friends
where: along the river
pace: 15:41
AHR: 123

Thursday, 26 May 2005


gym session this morning bright and early

core strength for an hour

and I can now feel it

must get a gym ball

little miss happy and mark*w marry today - so its off to the party tomnight

and post reception forumite run in the morning, followed by lunch with the bride and groom!

getting behind with work

must get on with it NOW

Wednesday, 25 May 2005

great run!!

I've been for a great run tonight!

forumite tigerrunner invited me to go to their club run and assured me there would be people to run with

and there were!

two very nice ladies plodded at my pace and assured me that it was ok, they were enjoying themselves

we went across the fields and I ran for 50 minutes! way the longest since FLM!!

another group passed us and swept up one of the ladies near the end; but when they got back to the start one of the chaps came back to plod in with the two of us!

what: 3.9 miles
where: across the fields
pace: 13:04 mm
AHR: 151 (oops!)

Tuesday, 24 May 2005

out again!

made it out again this morning - a miserable drizzly morning but I didn't care!!

added 5 minutes to the run - longest run since FLM.

what: W5:R25 base building
where: 2.2 miles up the road and back
pace: 13:18 mm (during run)
AHR: 140 (during run)

went to the club with teenbeanz this evening, but did not run - had no inclination to run there on my own

I am going to try tigerrunner's club night tomorrow night - he assures me there are peeps slow enough, we will see......

Monday, 23 May 2005

back to it

a pertinent query on yesterday's blog, asking me when I am going to get back to running

so this morning a i got up super early to fit in a plod before catching the train to London

and I have to say thank you Ruth!

it was great - as you will see below I did not do much but a good routine to get in to over the next two weeks

teenbeanz are not at school, so I can get up at my own pace in the morning, without worrying about being back to cajole them into action

so the plan is to run most days and increase the run bit by 5 minutes each week

what: W5:R20 base building
where: up the road
pace: 13:04 mm (during run)
AHR: 141 (during run)

Sunday, 22 May 2005


testing to see whether I really can email into my blog when I am away

and yes, I can!


Have not run today but lots of walking and lots of good things for beanz chaps!

Derby 10k this morning

tigerrunner advised not doingthis after FLM - and he was right, I could not have done it

instead had a great time marshalling - and saw a lot more peeps I know than I would have seen if I had been struggling along at the back

judging on the finishing time I think I might have been last!

however mrbeanz did it in 44:22 - he was very pleased - been trying to get under 45 for a bit

and runningteenbeanz did it in 45:28 - which was a lot better than he had expected for his first 10K - he is only 15, so did brilliantly!

meanwhile bowman teenbeanz was at archery - where he won a gold medal!!

so a good day was had by all

Thursday, 19 May 2005

feeling blobby

struggling to fit running in at the moment and then struggling to run when I do :<((

was in London yesterday, came home and had to have an attack on the garden

next door have got new fence coming and we have lots of stuff growing up and through the fence - needed to make sure our side was sorted, other wise there would be indiscriminate hacking from the fencers

back to London today and then on to Southampton until late Saturday MUST take swimming togs and running kit

Tuesday, 17 May 2005


beautiful morning for running - but I had to stay in for a signed-for delivery - which did not come until 6.15 this evening - by which time I had gone out :<(

ah well

got some work done

so went ot the gym this evening

warm up on the cross trainer

25 minutes on the tready

and lots of stretches

I feel better for that, though leg still tender

Sunday, 15 May 2005

a great day out

Eyam half marathon today

no I was not doing it

but it is not too far away and XB from the forums was doing it so Daffy and I volunteered to be a WAISters support team

met up with everyone before the race - Mrs XB and the two XBettes were there too

we saw XB off on his way and then the rest of the XBs went off to do the Fun Run (Daffy and I decided to save ourselves for later)

when the XBs came back from the Fun Run - much more quickly than we expected (well done girls) - we went off for a plod of our own

It is VERY hilly round there but we managed a couple of miles with small amounts of plodding when not staggering up the hills - down hills were not much better as it was steep and we were off road, so as not to be confused with the proper runners!

Back to the village and a wait for XB, who came in in a very creditable 2:11.

A great race - well organised and wonderful scenery

next year Daffy and I may even do the race - eek - did we really say that??

Saturday, 14 May 2005

ups and downs


went to the gym, warmed up on the cross trainer, did a few weights, felt dreadful
came home - had an awful headache
probably dehydrated - had not eaten or drunk much since Wednesday lunchtime
went to lie down and slept for 4 hours

did not run at the club in the evening


was a planned rest day - walked a couple of miles in London but that's all


Windy outside, had a lie in but WILL be going to the gym later - tready and strength is the plan

Wednesday, 11 May 2005

happy beanz!

thanks for the encouraging comments, peeps :>))

another good plod this morning - glorious morning at 6.30 - clear sky, sunshine, birds, wild flowers .....

will have to find prettier routes than the main road at home

back home now

will try to get to the gym for a bit of strength stuff tomorrow

what: W5 R20
where: along the river
pace: 13:42 mm (during run)
AHR: 143 (during run)

Tuesday, 10 May 2005

back to running

so running in York:

hard pavements - York Stone, of course

picturesque cobbles

but the cycle route along the river is tarmac so that’s the way to run

I’ve programmed the garmin now:
5 minutes @ 50-60% MHR
then 20 minutes @ 70% MHR

will increase the 70% by 5 minutes as it feels right

this morning:

what: W5 R20
where: along the river
pace: 13:09 mm (during run)
AHR: 143 (during run)

Monday, 9 May 2005

not about running

what a stimulating afternoon!
I have been working with two very respected colleagues on a new project.
We were discussing the nature of science and scientific discovery - not something I get to do very often.
It was just awesome to be working with these guys - and contribute to the discussion.

I then came back to my hotel room and had to tell someone cos my brain is still buzzing!!

Sunday, 8 May 2005

plodding away

been plodding in Cambridge and, as I have said before,

it is flat!


2 x 20 minute plods at 70% HR with no walking breaks


they were pretty slow, but then that's ok, I can only get quicker

will do core exercises and stretching tomorrow

then more plodding in York on Tuesday and Wednesday

Thursday, 5 May 2005

onwards and upwards

a poor start to the day, but it got better

teenbeanzes were slow getting going, so the plan to drop them and swim failed as we got caught up in traffic;

however did see the phyzz, she says it is not a hamstring problem, just some tightness in my left hip area; so some interesting stretches to do - including a frog's legs stretch!!
maybe I'll even be able to breaststroke legs properly after this!

then this evening I've been down to the club;

a pleasant evening and just right for a run;

running partner not around, so I could do my own thing, I decided to try to do two laps of the field (did one on Tuesday)

as I went off I realised I did not have my HRM, so the plan to do 70%MHR failed immediately; so I went for run 5 : walk 1 instead

I did 2 laps, kept to the schedule and felt better at the end of it;

ok it was slow but I was plodding!

what: 1.5 miles
where: club field
pace: 14:17 mm
AHR: oops!

tomorrow: 30 minute swim

Tuesday, 3 May 2005

did I really run a marathon 2 weeks ago?

phew that was hard work

went to the club with teenbeanz and thought I'd do a plod on the field

didn't even make it through the toxic twenty - hammy tight, back ached HR sky high :<(

still 15 minutes is a start - isn't it?

Sunday, 1 May 2005

that's better

I've been to the gym and feel much better for it

A mix of cross-trainer, bike and weights for 45 minutes

and now I feel that I might get back into this running lark

and at least there's something I can do in the meantime :>)))

happy beanz!!