Tuesday, 10 May 2005

back to running

so running in York:

hard pavements - York Stone, of course

picturesque cobbles

but the cycle route along the river is tarmac so that’s the way to run

I’ve programmed the garmin now:
5 minutes @ 50-60% MHR
then 20 minutes @ 70% MHR

will increase the 70% by 5 minutes as it feels right

this morning:

what: W5 R20
where: along the river
pace: 13:09 mm (during run)
AHR: 143 (during run)


b-z said...

good to see you are taking the running with you
consistency is the key

Leon said...


Things are looking good Beanz

Evil Pixie said...

that garmin sounds flash!
{note to self - you DO NOT need one}
keep up the good work

Andrew McEvoy said...

Look at you with your gadget and your percentages. Talking like a real runner again!!

Well done chuck.