Friday, 27 May 2005

mad dogs and forumites ....

I had this good idea that peeople who'd been to the forumite wedding would meet for a run the next day.

Make it an 11.30 meet, giving peeps time to recover from the excesses of the night before, eat and digest breakfast and recover from last night's dehydration.

But that meant we were running at midday on the hottest day in May since ....

So we (Hammerite, Red Haired Girl and Runnybunny and I) met up and went for a plod, after a gentle walk by the river eventually we got going and RB and hammer zoomed off ino the distance whilst RHG and I plodded along at BT HR and chatted.

the fast peeps passed usand went on to do a second loop whilst we relaxed in the shade, did a few stretches and waited their return

Then a meet with the happy couple for lunch and fond farewells - hope they get to Heathrow in time!

what: 2.19 miles with good friends
where: along the river
pace: 15:41
AHR: 123

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b-z said...

sounds lovely beanz