Sunday, 15 May 2005

a great day out

Eyam half marathon today

no I was not doing it

but it is not too far away and XB from the forums was doing it so Daffy and I volunteered to be a WAISters support team

met up with everyone before the race - Mrs XB and the two XBettes were there too

we saw XB off on his way and then the rest of the XBs went off to do the Fun Run (Daffy and I decided to save ourselves for later)

when the XBs came back from the Fun Run - much more quickly than we expected (well done girls) - we went off for a plod of our own

It is VERY hilly round there but we managed a couple of miles with small amounts of plodding when not staggering up the hills - down hills were not much better as it was steep and we were off road, so as not to be confused with the proper runners!

Back to the village and a wait for XB, who came in in a very creditable 2:11.

A great race - well organised and wonderful scenery

next year Daffy and I may even do the race - eek - did we really say that??

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b-z said...

well done beanzie

er----if its thesame day as tipton 12 hour--Ive been asked to go back and do that

still trying to convince my body thats a good idea