Sunday, 22 May 2005


Have not run today but lots of walking and lots of good things for beanz chaps!

Derby 10k this morning

tigerrunner advised not doingthis after FLM - and he was right, I could not have done it

instead had a great time marshalling - and saw a lot more peeps I know than I would have seen if I had been struggling along at the back

judging on the finishing time I think I might have been last!

however mrbeanz did it in 44:22 - he was very pleased - been trying to get under 45 for a bit

and runningteenbeanz did it in 45:28 - which was a lot better than he had expected for his first 10K - he is only 15, so did brilliantly!

meanwhile bowman teenbeanz was at archery - where he won a gold medal!!

so a good day was had by all


b-z said...

speedy fambly

when are you starting up the long slow plods again?

Evil Pixie said...

Sounds like a fantastic day alround! Well done! I also wanted to do this but like you it would have been a bad idea!
I'm starting back slowly like!