Monday, 9 May 2005

not about running

what a stimulating afternoon!
I have been working with two very respected colleagues on a new project.
We were discussing the nature of science and scientific discovery - not something I get to do very often.
It was just awesome to be working with these guys - and contribute to the discussion.

I then came back to my hotel room and had to tell someone cos my brain is still buzzing!!


Evil Pixie said...

It may seem it but life isn't all about running!

Elle said...

And what a great feeling that is!

Through my work for the NGDT (the organisation in the UK for egg and sperm donation) I get to talk to scientists working on things like stemcell research.

Just to listen to these people talking about what is medically possible and how excited they are, is mind-boggling, humbling and inspiring.

It always fires me up!