Tuesday, 24 May 2005

out again!

made it out again this morning - a miserable drizzly morning but I didn't care!!

added 5 minutes to the run - longest run since FLM.

what: W5:R25 base building
where: 2.2 miles up the road and back
pace: 13:18 mm (during run)
AHR: 140 (during run)

went to the club with teenbeanz this evening, but did not run - had no inclination to run there on my own

I am going to try tigerrunner's club night tomorrow night - he assures me there are peeps slow enough, we will see......


Andrew McEvoy said...

Yeeee hah!! I'm really chuffed for you Beanzie.

Andrew xxx

Highway Kind said...

This is almost begining to look like a routine

21 days and the habit is established!

Michelle Mitchell said...

cool, slow and steady does it.