Thursday, 5 May 2005

onwards and upwards

a poor start to the day, but it got better

teenbeanzes were slow getting going, so the plan to drop them and swim failed as we got caught up in traffic;

however did see the phyzz, she says it is not a hamstring problem, just some tightness in my left hip area; so some interesting stretches to do - including a frog's legs stretch!!
maybe I'll even be able to breaststroke legs properly after this!

then this evening I've been down to the club;

a pleasant evening and just right for a run;

running partner not around, so I could do my own thing, I decided to try to do two laps of the field (did one on Tuesday)

as I went off I realised I did not have my HRM, so the plan to do 70%MHR failed immediately; so I went for run 5 : walk 1 instead

I did 2 laps, kept to the schedule and felt better at the end of it;

ok it was slow but I was plodding!

what: 1.5 miles
where: club field
pace: 14:17 mm
AHR: oops!

tomorrow: 30 minute swim


Evil Pixie said...

that's good - I think!
Now what's this frogs legs thing? Do tell!
I MUST get into a stretching,toning, resistence work routine!!
Well done on the plod - we're coming back!

Leon said...

I forgot my HRM too...
..but it's still mileage..!!!!

..and that is Good..!!!

Andrew McEvoy said...


Beanzie's back.