Saturday, 14 May 2005

ups and downs


went to the gym, warmed up on the cross trainer, did a few weights, felt dreadful
came home - had an awful headache
probably dehydrated - had not eaten or drunk much since Wednesday lunchtime
went to lie down and slept for 4 hours

did not run at the club in the evening


was a planned rest day - walked a couple of miles in London but that's all


Windy outside, had a lie in but WILL be going to the gym later - tready and strength is the plan


b-z said...

maybe you need a rest
Love hippo

beanz said...

a case of pots and kettles I suspect!

but you are right - I tend to think if I am not running I am 'resting', but a lot of long working days recently

Elle said...

You make me feel so lazy....