Sunday, 8 May 2005

plodding away

been plodding in Cambridge and, as I have said before,

it is flat!


2 x 20 minute plods at 70% HR with no walking breaks


they were pretty slow, but then that's ok, I can only get quicker

will do core exercises and stretching tomorrow

then more plodding in York on Tuesday and Wednesday


Leon said...

Brill beanz - managing the 'no walk break' thing and keeping your HR where you want it - fantastic.

Now - please igive me some of your sensible genes......


b-z said...

Globetrotting beanz

Evil Pixie said...

don't think I have ever done 20 mins of plodding at 70%!
Well done!

beanz said...

much easier to stick to 70% when it is flat, Pix