Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Resting ...

Knee felt dreaful when I went to bed - thought I'd never get comforatbale, whole leg ached.

had a couple of neurofen+ and eventually slept for 5 hours then a couple more

better this morning - but no running or gymming today :<(

off to Cambridge tomorrow until Saturday

some walking there - hotel is 20 minutes from office, so need knee to be able to cope with that

could do with some new 'walking sandals' - any suggestions?


Leon said...

[strange apparition appears in blog-land]

Oooh - you look after that there knee beanz...

I've been up to the opposite to you
NOT running every day for ages.
Still - normal service will hopefully resume shortly


Highway Kind said...

Take care of that knee.

The big problem is that the voice telling us what we should be doing is so much louder than the one which tells us what we can do.

Be still and listen for the tiny voice.

beanz said...

thanks guys