Wednesday, 25 May 2005

great run!!

I've been for a great run tonight!

forumite tigerrunner invited me to go to their club run and assured me there would be people to run with

and there were!

two very nice ladies plodded at my pace and assured me that it was ok, they were enjoying themselves

we went across the fields and I ran for 50 minutes! way the longest since FLM!!

another group passed us and swept up one of the ladies near the end; but when they got back to the start one of the chaps came back to plod in with the two of us!

what: 3.9 miles
where: across the fields
pace: 13:04 mm
AHR: 151 (oops!)


b-z said...

excellent stuff beanz
will they be there every week?

Evil Pixie said...

Fab news! It's all about enjoying it - well done!

beanz said...

yes, ruth, there every week - although I am working away next Wednesday I shall be there for several weeks after that.