Monday, 23 May 2005

back to it

a pertinent query on yesterday's blog, asking me when I am going to get back to running

so this morning a i got up super early to fit in a plod before catching the train to London

and I have to say thank you Ruth!

it was great - as you will see below I did not do much but a good routine to get in to over the next two weeks

teenbeanz are not at school, so I can get up at my own pace in the morning, without worrying about being back to cajole them into action

so the plan is to run most days and increase the run bit by 5 minutes each week

what: W5:R20 base building
where: up the road
pace: 13:04 mm (during run)
AHR: 141 (during run)


b-z said...

more than i did
Off out now

Elle said...

You are not the only one who is struggling to get back on the road...

Well done, you did it!

Evil Pixie said...

Well done beanz - it's a great feeling isn't it, realising that we can still run and the legs do actually work!! Makes you remember why we started running and kept going!