Monday, 30 May 2005

running too often

I have come to the conclusion that I cannot run every day :<(

Every time I up the frequency I get an injury

I felt fine this morning, less stiff than for a while

but 25 minutes into my run my knee just yelled out at me to stop,

unfortunately the last 5 minutes of running home was steep uphill - so I limped rather slowly

I am currently sitting with the third icing of the day.

So - I am going to aim for every other day - with gym sessions in between for strength and CV.

But a rest day tomorrow unless there is a miracle improvement overnight.

Trouble is that sitting and resting it just makes it seize up.

what :

what: W5 R25 :L5
where: 2.4 miles of road and park
pace: 14:38 mm
AHR: 136


Evil Pixie said...

no rule saying you have to run every day - that Parker book doesn't say every day (I have a copy if you want to borrow it)
Now take care of that knee give it an extra day to what you think it needs
I'm doing 4 sessions a week: 2 steady, 1 long and 1 intervals

beanz said...

yes, I know - I think cos i like going at BT pace i should be doing it every day.

I have the Parker book - will get it out and have another go!

thanks, Pix

b-z said...

hope you heal soon

Elle said...

Listen to your body is all I can suggest.

Yours is saying that you should take it easier right now.

Good luck