Friday, 1 July 2005

Friday Fun

back home last night

and lots happening today

so out for a plod at 5.00 beanz grins smugly :-)

now have to catch up with emails and get on with marking exam papers.

then off to meet running friends this evening - beanz grins happily :>)))

session W5 R40 W5 Run
distance 0.30 3.02 0.25 3.57
pace 16:37 13:13 20:09 13:59
AHR 104 143 134 138


June was the lowest mileage since records began :<( but this week will be the highest mileage since FLM - with no silliness either :>)


Evil Pixie said...

well done you!

Michelle Mitchell said...

well at least you can see some progress-go on ya...will have to get back into it myself.

RobW said...

What is this insanity with 0500 starts? I'd be in bed before 9 if I had to do that.

{RobW wanders off shaking his head in disbelief}

Leon said...

Keep up the the great progress beanz - and remember..

Do too much, and something will complain!!!

I sort of agree Rob, but then I have been running to work - which is a 13.5 day...
and then running home again.

Lets run an "Insanity Competition"...


b-z said...

hope you had fun last night beanz

leon-ok-you win

beanz said...

Rob - Its a case of needs must - I need to run and that's how to fit it in with work and family and I much prefer running first thing to later in the day
too easy to put it off

Ruth - great evening - sorry you couldn't make it

next week ....

Leon what are you bidding?

C A D said...

I'm with Ruth

Leon wins hands down


Leon said...

When's the Prize-giving..?