Saturday, 9 July 2005

Sunny Saturday

A beautiful day today - a bit warm for running but it was a rest day :>)

Still coming to terms with what went on this week - but reflecting on the many ways in which people's goodness has shone through makes it feel less dark.

It was a great run at Tara Kinder last night - a few forumites met up, including Space Cadet whom we had not met before, so that was good - the Derby forum grows! 380 ran, winning time 32:38.

Marshalling was good fun, because of the looping nature of the course we saw everyone 4 times!

OK plans for the coming week.

Teenbeanzes are off on a school jaunt for the week, so we shoudl have a bit more time to ourselves, but I still seem to have agreed to do too much!

So the trainng plan has now reached 1 hour on my feet almost every other day.

I shall begin to increase the long run by 10 minutes a week, which will get me to 10 miles before RobinHood.

Sunday W5:R50:W5
Monday London - lots of walking
Tuesday Gym - core
Wednesday Club Run 60
Thursday Gym - Core strength
Friday W5:R50:W5
Saturday Rest Day
Sunday W5:R60:W5

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