Saturday, 23 July 2005


thanks for the hugs, friends, I have needed them

No running since Tuesday :-(

too much work and too knackered

however things are looking up - shorter meeting today and then meeting up with Red Haired Girl and maybe the other pilates people Stickless has gathered together, after their run.

Then home for about 36 hours - during which I WILL fit in a run.

Back here on Monday but less pressured and one or two GOOD folk will be coming too.

Later that day ....

A real treat - Stickless had invited forumites to join her on a Pilates for running workshop - and I would have done if not working.

However it meant I got a chance to meet up with Stickless for the first time, and also met Tigger's friend Roo - who I had met at the National Cross Country Champs last winter, and long time forum friend Red Haired Girl and also - a big surprise Aggie was there too. Aggie is a Derby social friend so that was great!

We had a bread and cheese lunch in Stickless's garden and a good old natter. And Stickless confirmed that it was perfectly possible that I saw a deer on my run on Tuesday - I was running along the stream where she sees kingfishers - will have to go again.

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C A D said...


She used to run a particular bit of that run with the kingfishers for me when I was sick and I couldn't run. I used to look for her post everyday on my thread and I used to imagine I was right there beside her... running, even though I was actually in lots of pain and discomfort. She's a lovely lady Marj. Truely a lovely person. I've only met her once and hugged her once but I still remember it now.