Sunday, 17 July 2005

Sunny Sunday

Time to up the distance again!

Now I am up to running for an hour 3 times a week, I need to increase the distance of one of the runs. So the weekend run will increase by 10 minutes each week, getting me up to 2 hours by Robin Hood - should be just about enough.

Woke up earlier than I planned this morning but it was so sunny, I decided to get out and run before it heated up more.

So off I went.

session W5 R60 W5 Run
distance 0.32 4.46 0.26 5.04
pace 15:29 13:27 19:16 13:53
AHR 108 141 140 139

So it was definitely slow - if not that long.

But it felt comfortable - so that must be a GOOD THING.

I am off to Cambridge for a week later today - so limited internet access, but will pick up emails.

Will try to email my blog - but will not be reading yours :<( Trouble is emailing seems to lose the table. Anyone solved that one yet??

So next week :

Sunday W5:R60:W5
Monday walking + stairs !
Tuesday W5:R50:W5
Wednesday walking+ stairs !
Thursday W5:R50:W5
Friday walking+ stairs !
Saturday Rest Day
Sunday W5:R70:W5

Have a good week all.

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