Tuesday, 19 July 2005


so the first Cambridge run of this visit

I looked at the map to find a suitable route for W5:R50:W5.

Up at 5.00 and off I went. It was lovely - cool but not cold, with the Sun coming up above the houses.
After about a mile of concrete pavement I turned off road and onto a path alongside a shallow stream. Some way along the path I saw a deer! At least I think it was. When I reached the point where I saw it ok course it had long gone onto the allotments (?)

I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing - I shall have to ask Stickless at the weekend.

Anyway numbers:

Distance 0.30 : 3.6 : 0.24
AHR 108 : 141 : 121
Pace 16:39 : 13:53 : 17:12

slow but hey I was out there!

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