Sunday, 3 July 2005


I am in Edinburgh in spirit

Off to Manchester this evening for meeting tomorrow

spent too much time last night watching Live8 - the "old" ones were the best !

so did not get all done that I had intended yesterday

so no run this morning :<(

however this is the plan for the week

Sunday No time to run
Monday Manchester W5:R40:W5
Tuesday Swim and Phyzz
Wednesday Club Run 60
Thursday Gym - Core strength
Friday W5:R40:W5 and Forumites run Tara Kinder
Saturday Rest Day

see I can do tables now!! :>))


Leon said...

Keep on plugging away Beanz..
The programme is working!!

Tidy table BTW ;o)

b-z said...

I need instructions on how to do a table-but i was too fick to understand the ones leon sent

se you guys on friday