Friday, 8 July 2005


sobering news yesterday after the excitement of Wednesday

the bombs in London came as a bolt from the blue - inevitable but unexpected, I guess

and on a more personal level a friend who has overcome much in the past few years, yesterday suffered a sad loss

on to today and it seems trivial to worry about running and times, but as well as the social reasons for running, I also run to try to become healthier and last longer for my family

so I managed to get up and out for 5.00 and it was a lovely morning

session W5 R40 W5 Run
distance 0.33 3.14 0.29 3.77
pace 15:16 12:43 16:58 13:16
AHR 109 142 134 138

first time under 13:00 mm on this run since FLM - it may not seem much to you lot - but good news for me!


Evil Pixie said...

Well run Beanz

Michelle Mitchell said...

A sad day, and sorry for your freinds loss. When things like this happen we try to return to normal and it actually makes us a much better and stonger person. Well done on your run.

b-z said...

hugs for today

Susie J said...

It's nice for me to see someone else who runs at my sort of pace - never mind those sprinters at their 7 m/m's.

Good luck.

beanz said...

:>)) Susie J