Monday, 4 July 2005

damp Monday in Manchester

no surprises there then!

called in on a mate on the way to Manchester - the mugs of tea and a natter made up for the rest of the evening in my drab hall of residence room

up early to do the run I should have done on Sunday

I was staying not far from my old school, so the plod brought back memories of school days and walking to the school field for hockey on cold winter days - passed the field but the gate was locked, so I had to settle for the pavement

but it was flat - as can be seen from the marginally better numbers compared to the last run at home

session W5 R40 W5 Run
distance 0.31 3.07 0.28 3.66
pace 13:37 13:02 17:22 13:37
AHR 104 141 126 136

Now home again - and no more gadding overnight for a couple of weeks - hooray!!
I do like going away from time to time - and much better when I can make it include a meet up with friends but just at the moment it is good to be at home with the family

AND seeing forumite friends on home territory at the weekend so even better :>))

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