Friday, 22 July 2005

Worn out!

it was a long meeting today, including some 'robust' exchanges

fortunately I did not have to go and eat dinner with these people as I was feeling bruised by the debate

Instead I went out for a meal and then to the theatre with a couple of elder statesmen - I must have looked in need of some comfort!

we saw Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead -it was excellent

The evening was rather spoiled by a meeting with a colleague [the 'old friend' I was missing earlier in the week :-( ]; he had been in the pub too long, was probably fed up because I went to the theatre, rather than out drinking with him. He was unpleasant to both me and my colleagues and left me feeling very down. It has happened before when he's had too much to drink and he probably will pretend it hasn't happened tomorrow.

And I am feeling guilty about being away from home because studentbeanz is feeling low



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And one from me...


C A D said...

and me {{{beanz}}}

b-z said...

sorry not been around to hug
rebuilding the computer which died too