Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Carpe Diem

Training schedule fell over yesterday.

Instead of going to the gym and doing core stuff I met up with friends (tsk tsk)
Too Happy 1 Too Happy 1 Too Happy 1

A much the better idea in fact, as you have to seize the chance for these things.

An opportunity to fantasise about races to be run and impossible times for completion. And to remind myself NOT to race in the summer when it is hot.

I shall however go and run with the club this evening - and hope there are some people happy to go nice and slowly - otherwise friendly fast peeps will feel obliged to keep me company

report back later

Club Run Running

So went to the super friendly club tonight. A kind lady agreed to run with me - saying she was very happy to run slowly Happy

No proper warm up (well it was a jogging warm up for everyone else - but rather quick for me) and straight into a 12:42 mile! It was very warm and I struggled. Had to have a few walking breaks, but my partner was good at jogging at my walking pace!!

Everyone met up for a drink afterwards - and Tigerrunner spent his time trying to persuade people to join him in making a team for Tough Guy! I promised to ......... bring the camera!!

so this is what it looked like, AHR says it all really - about 10 bpm quicker than I am used to - and it slowed me down overall because I had to walk :<(.
distance 1.00 1.00 1.00 0.76 3.76
pace 12:42 13:53 14:25 13:56 13:43
AHR 151 149 149 150 150

But I enjoyed it and will be back in three weeks after a couple of weeks training on the flatlands of Cambridge.


Evil Pixie said...

have fun - I haven't gone back to club yet due to the speed issue!

Leon said...

How was club tonight Mary..?