Sunday, 10 July 2005

Scorching Sunday

It is already warm at 8.30!

Managed to do my Sunday run on a Sunday for the first time in a while :>)

It really is going to be hot out there today

Farthest I have run since FLM - so feeling pleased

But back on my boring out and back route along the main road - must find an alternative

session W5 R50 W5 Run
distance 0.31 3.78 0.25 4.34
pace 16:05 13:14 19:48 13:49
AHR 114 141 139 139


C A D said...

ahem Missis Beanz - psst... table


beanz said...

mm twas an experiment to see if a table could arrive by email!

beanz said...

better now!!
it turned all the < and > into & :<(

b-z said...

well done beanzie

Evil Pixie said...

That's far too late! I was out at 6.30! much nicer then!
PS well done!

C A D said...

and a lovely change of fonts too - I love comic sans. Well done Beanz - considering how hot it already was at 08:30am. Not that I would know 'cause I was lounging in my bath at the time.

C A D said...

It took me a while... you've been playing with your blog again - you've pasted Comic Sans from a word processor! Sneaky!


beanz said...

[beanz beamz]

Windsurfin' Susie said...

Missed EP by 10mins - 6:40am for me!