Sunday, 24 July 2005

Sunday running

If it is Sunday it must be the long slow plod up the undulating road - really must get off road with Pix for this

and it rained! Rain Cloud

but not enough to water the garden Blue

anyway the run:

session W5 R70 W5 Run
distance 0.33 5.23 0.28 5.83
pace 15:11 13:23 17:51 13:47
AHR 107 143 140 139

back to Cambridge tomorrow for another stint of meetings - at least a couple of friends will be here for some of the week Happy

later .........
well it has now rained for 7 hours so the garden is getting a good soaking Rainy

and the plan for next week:

Sunday W5:R70:W5 done and dusted
Monday walking
Tuesday W5:R50:W5the kingfisher run
Wednesday walking + stairs !
Thursday W5:R50:W5the kingfisher run
Friday walking + stairs !
Saturday W5:R50:W5 the kingfisher run
Sunday rest day long meeting and driving home
Monday W5:R80:W5last weeks LSR


C A D said...

Hi Beanz!

Hope Cambridge goes well, it's a while since I was there. Look after yourself.


Evil Pixie said...

off road plodding is fun - mail me cos weekend after next (2nd of w'end August) I'm free!!