Sunday, 22 July 2007

a little longer

At last the long run is getting longer - which means running along paths I have not trodden for a very long time - in fact today I explored a route I have never done before.

We had a conversation last night with a visiting friend about why I don't go to church much these days - there are lots of reasons, but as I ran this morning I came to the conclusion that currently I find my long run more spiritually satisfying than an hour at church.

So the build-up begins - Hal's half marathon schedule only goes up to 10 miles before THE DAY, but as I have started earlier I hope to get up to 12 miles so that 13 is not too much of a shock. There is a cut off of 3 hours for Amsterdam, so I need to be able to run at a consistent 13:35 pace to get inside that. Currently my best miles, on flat sections of my run are that, but overall I am nowhere near it at them moment.

The sugar-free me has gone reasonably well - I forgot myself yesterday and had a fruit yoghurt - but at least it was yeo valley and organic sugar :>) But no biscuits etc while away.

Will try to keep it going for another week.

I am off back to Cambridge for another week later today - and then that's it, no more exam marking and the end of an era- I've been doing it for 30 years so time for a break I think.


sue said...

You're right - running is spiritual, plodding easy without rushing and getting 'in the zone', is the best of experiences.

Now that you are running regularly and starting to build up, you'll have no problem beating that cut off at Amsterdam.

Keep plodding

womble said...

Of course you can do sub-3 at Amsterdam. You were pretty damn close at Robin Hood last year and that was severely undulating. Amsterdam should be flat, I would think :D