Saturday, 30 June 2007

struggling with target

I have struggled to get out twice a week before school - I seem to manage Tuesday but by Friday I've lost it.
I even set the alarm yesterday but then decided I needed the sleep more - I had had two long days at school and Friday turned out to be pretty grotty anyway, so just as well I had that extra hour.

I've spent today ferrying studentbeanz's stuff home from University - two car loads carried out to car, brought home and carried into house, plus some cleaning of the flat - now all that MUST be cross-training I think, certainly made me 'glow'.

Should manage to get out tomorrow morning - then there's only a week of school to go and I will have no excuses left.


Sara said...

Hi Beanz, I find my motivation gets dramatically less as the week progresses. I've changed my plans around now to take this into account. Bet you'll be glad of the holidays.

b-z said...

holiday running

Bedders said...

Belated Happy Birthday! and roll on summer holldays. Lots of lay-ins, no marking to do and running becomes a pleasure not a drag...........