Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Just testing

I've had enough of this not running

My coccyx is feelingmuch better - I can almost get out of a chair without thinking about it.

I had a bit of a problem with my 'normal' lower back pain at the weekend - maybe due to changed posture from the other pain, I don't know.

Tigerrunner suggsted trying to get back to it on grass, as I said although the tready was ok I couldn't face the road.

I keep forgetting that we have a recc just around the corner.

So up early this morning and out onto the grass. It was a lovely morning, a bit cool but dry and the birds make it worth it. There is a flattish expanse of grass for the football pitch and another area for the cricket ground. I plodded for 20 minutes by which time my lower back was beginning to object so I called it a day.

Will try again later in the week.


sue said...

good for you! Now WAIST it! Build up slowly and steadily - no more than 10% and even less, if you are having problems.

Don't forget to stretch that lower back, do you have some exercises for it? I find a low slow 'Sphinx' type stretch alternated with 'Child's pose' all done slowly and just to the edge of the pain, does wonders. Especially if it's straight after a run or walk.

b-z said...

excellent plodding

oh, Yoga
MUST get back to that

C A D said...

I'm a bit behind.

Glad to see you back up to the plodding again. Take it easy on yourself!