Thursday, 31 May 2007

back home

I've been on the road this week - first on Tuesday to my Mum's where I had great fun with the hedge trimmer - turning some ordinary bundles of box bushes into strange shapes - the rabbit was the most fun! Good cross training too.

And then on to Cambridge and a taste of the old job for a day, a chance to chat with former colleagues and remind myslef why I am well out of it there - the usual story of employees not valued by them higher up and them higher up wanting more for their pound of flesh.

Good to be home.

Exercise? Oh yes - I went to the gym again on Tuesday morning and I have done some good brisk walking in Cambridge too :>) With 2 weeks off with cold and then the bump I have not quite met last months mileage - but hope to move it on in the coming month as Amsterdam begins to loom - maybe Bedders will keep a count down of the weeks for me.


sue said...

Amsterdam will keep you focussed I suspect.

Keep at it - you'll get there!


Girish said...

Hey June is a new month and am sure it will be very good one (for running) for you. Best wishes.