Sunday, 6 May 2007

Sunday run

Tryin to get back into a routine of a Sunday run, which is going to get longer over the next few months.

Just over 3 miles this morning, with the aim of running to HR. However myHRM was not playing ball and was fairly intermittent. So I had to go on feel as well. Since starting my version of Shades 3-4 runs a week I have been running my easy runs at 125HR135 but this morning found that it was bettter to run at 130HR140 - so this will be the new 'easy' - with tempo runs pushing it up to 145ish I guess. Even allowing my HR to rise to 140, I walked much of the mile up killer hill coming home, with my HR still at 135+. Ah well as the weight falls off that will improve, I hope.

As its a holiday weekend I had a very lazy day yesterday, so now I need to get in the garden and prepare for the coming week at work.


Bedders said...

Having a lay-in tomorrow?

beanz said...

yep :>)

Bedders said...


b-z said...

its raining

no gardening;))

sue said...

hope you had a good one Beanzie - even if you didn't get enough rain!