Saturday, 19 May 2007

still sore

well I can stand up ok

lie down ok

some seats are ok to sit on

but going from sitting to standing is PAINFUL

so no running :<(

just as it was all getting otgetehr again

I am doomed - maybe I should just give up and ....................

well maybe not


b-z said...


you are NOT giving up

sue said...

no - don't give up, you know you don't want to really

make this time an opportunity to realign your goals and time

Bedders said...


No and no again.

definately not.

No. simple as that.

beanz said...

hmm - are you sure - it would be much easier

Bedders said...

Sorry, still NO.

sue said...

It wouldn't be much easier at all!! It would be something that you would always regret - and think of how you are going to feel when you've battled through and are crossing that finish line in Amsterdam!!!1