Tuesday, 22 May 2007

still no running

well, it is a week tomorrow since the bump

and I am feeling very frustrated - I've been waking early to lovely sunshine but just know running would be painful

it does seem to be getting slightly better but is still painful to rise from a sitting position

on the plus side it is more comfortable to sit straight up than slumped - that can only be a good thing

ah well I guess I haven't given up on teh idea yet

Oh, and please note those who mention Amsterdam - I am only doing the half!


sue said...

'scuse me - there is nothing ONLY about a half marathon!! That's over 13 miles of effort going on there!

A week is not very long in healing stuff, I know it's frustrating and (I realise that as soon as you start to run, so will the rain ;)) but you do need to be patient I'm afraid.

Take care

C A D said...

Beanz, if you fractured it, it will take the usual 4-6 weeks to heal. Like Sue says, there's no rushing this healing thing.

beanz said...


eek - it never occurred to me that it might be anything other than bruised

certainly haven't seen a doc about it