Saturday, 12 May 2007

Ups and downs

Friday - up
Up early to run (note to the Fast Asleep Club - I only get up early to run becuase otherwise I know it will not be done, not from any great vocation).

And then off to work where I had a mainly nonproductive day from a teaching point of view.

It was the school founders day as described in Wikipedia:

Perhaps one of the most enduring images of the school — and one of its most public manifestations — is that of its traditional Commemoration Day Procession, which takes place every Summer Term. The pupils process from the school to the Parish Church of St Nicholas, down the centre of the high street, in height order wearing white veils (officially called "hoods", unoficially called "tea - towels") fringed with light blue, carrying beautifully embroidered banners and singing (unaccompanied) the hymn "Jerusalem my happy home". Members of the school choir wear an additional ankle-length white veil (officially known as "cloaks" and unoficially as "tablecloths").

So the girls spent the morning practising and the afternoon doing it for real. As I was due to teach Y10s and Y11s all morning and most of them were in the choir I was left with a few nonmusical girls in each class.

We teachers did not have to wear teatowels and tablecloths, thank goodness - we wore our gowns and hoods! I had to buy a gown - at no mean cost (showing that I intend to stay a bit longer I guess).

I've been looking on the tinternet for a picture of the girls but can't find one.

Saturday - down
Switched on this morning to find I have a 'well dodgy' computer - sabotaged by Windoze last attempt to do automatic updates which failed.

So after backing everything up I think the chaps in the household are going to give it a good seeing to.

And I have a stinky cold again - so no plodding today :<((

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Girish said...

Not sure Wiki guys are comfortable with bloggers pasting definitions on their blogs (they want people to paste the link for such purposes). If I remember correctly this violates their terms of use. You might want to double check on this though.