Thursday, 3 May 2007

and again ...

I was up and running on Tuesday morning - it helped that I had a virtual training partner - my waister friend Chuggy was getting up for her plod at 6.00 am and as she is across the water in the flat lands, we were able to run 'together'. (Other flatlanders seem to leave it to a more sensible hour)

And then I went down to the club last night - teenbeanz wanted to go and get in a long run and as it was such a fine evening went in my kit. We had some new lady beginners, and of course they were humiliatingly quicker than me. But it meant I did a tempo run, which is in Shades plan for the second of the shorter runs for the week. So I don't need to get up at a silly o'clock tomorrow.

Which is just as well as I have a slightly achey piriformis this evening. So another rest day will not do it any harm - must stretch though.


sue said...

Don't go overdoing it now! Remember the mantra WAISt away!

And don't forget the Welsh early bird as well :0)

Having said that, I'm biking instead of running today, my left foot is a little sore.

b-z said...

excellent stuff


Bedders said...

Sounds good. Keep it up. Isn't it amazing how many times we forget to stretch....and pull a hamstring or whatever.

Girish said...

I can see you getting more regular with your runs. Great going. I have a strong feeling that this May you will do your highest monthly mileage for 2007 (till date).