Wednesday, 9 May 2007

made it!

made it out this morning :>)

and so pleased I did

it had obviously rained pretty hard overnight and there was that fresh feeling

the scent of blossom

a pink sky

a fox who stood in the middle of the road watching me quizzically for a long time before moving on

and loads of birds singing - I wish I knew what they all were

so thanks to you lot I did it :>)


b-z said...


XFR Bear said...

Well done Beanz :oD

sue said...

It's all coming back now! It often takes up to a year to settle into anything new, and you've had big changes over the past year. Keep up the good work!

Bedders said...

Bangkok calling......well done!!!!!

C A D said...

They're sly those foxes, I'd watch out for them... he was probably wondering what the hell you were up to being out so early.

See you Sunday!!!

Girish said...

Sounds very beautiful. Great going... I can't hear anything other than sound of traffic when I run, even if I start at 4am.....