Wednesday, 20 June 2007

getting older?

Well its my birthday and I've moved into a new age group :>))

But it will not make me any faster!

I haven't managed to run since Sunday - should have been Tuesday but I had to get up very early to take the teenbeanzes to the station - they've started the University visit series (is it really four years since I did it with studentbeanz?) - I drew the line at a 4.00 am run - not that desperate yet!

and what is today's excuse?

well it IS my birthday - actually that would be a reason for going for a run, but domestic stuff got in the way again

I will get out on Friday morning - its school sports day, weather permitting, so going for a plod should get me in the mood.


sue said...

well did you get out today? Just keep nibbling away and you'll get there.

b-z said...


Happy Birthday

Girish said...

Wishing you a very happy belated Bday. Am sure you had a blast. Any Bday resolutions!!???, might be a good time to set some achievable targets for your runs....