Thursday, 2 August 2007

Good run; bad run

On Tuesday I went down to the gym - but it was too good to run on the tready so I ran along the river path (nice and level) and followed that with a swim. It was hot for running, even at 9.00 but I managed to keep going reasonably. I worked hard on trying to keep a steady pace that I could maintain.

This morning it is ideal running conditions, overcast slightly damp and cool. So I had the worst run I have had for a long time - I didn't know what people meant by 'heavy legs' until today. I just could not get them warmed up, my calves were like solid blocks for most of the time, an awful lot of walking :<(

Ah well, at least I did the required 3 miles - I was tempted to turn off for home at 2.5, but managed to jog for a bit and get past the corner.

Must see phyzz.


sue said...

yes, see fizzyouch! you may be tightening up due to increased training.

It's a good idea to check your trainers as well. I know they say 500 miles, but often they don't last that long. Personally, I think they ought to be changed every three months, unless you are alternating them with others, then no longer than six months because the cushioning degrades when they are just sitting there.

Having said that, the Chi running principles are that you go minimal cushioning which means they don't need changing so often. You have to train for that though, and now is not the time to do it. After Amsterdam maybe.

We all get bad runs for one reason or another, could be any number of other reasons. Shoes and fizzyouch are the best bet for the moment though.

Well done for the stubborn last ½ mile!!!

beanz said...

Fizzyouch tomorrow - and you could be right about shoes - I do alternate pairs but both pairs have done over 300 miles and for my weight that is enough - maybe I'll come back via the shoe shop :>)