Friday, 17 August 2007

A funny thing happened .....

It was going well, a mile walked; a mile run without ANY walking (and uphill at the end).

I was just struggling up a steep bit of road a little old lady was just standing at the top of her drive with her zimmer frame. She called out to me so I went up to her rather breathlessly and she asked if I was going to the shops - I am not sure where I was concealing my purse and shopping bag in my lycra, but I said I was passing, so she asked me to get her some fruit pastilles!

So an extra undulation 0.2 miles each way and my good deed done.

I am not sure how long she had been waiting for a passer by. She could have been there some time as not that many people walk, they all travel by car - I didn't see any other pedestrians along most of that road - maybe she was much younger when she first went out there!

Anyway 4 miles done.

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womble said...

Awww that's really lovely!