Wednesday, 28 November 2007

back from Phyzz

Phyzz is pleased with progress- less swelling, more flexibility, no long term damage

hopefully running in January

so that's my mileage done for the year

She says I can leave my name in the hat for a club FLM place and when I get back from Switzerland she'll put together a gym programme to strengthen the leg and improve CV ahead of beginning training in January

If I get a place, I'll need a marathon in 15 weeks on three runs a week from scratch schedule - ideally with no longer than an hour for the shorter runs.

Any offers?


womble said...

That sounds very like my first marathon - first run ever 15 weeks before the big day. And I didn't have the experience of running that you already have, or the knowledge that I could do it, which you also have.

Ok, I was slightly younger....


But that's all.

b-z said...

that sounds good

Highway Kind said...

I am sure you will be OK just so long as you are fully healed and do not try to force it.

Best of luck