Saturday, 10 November 2007

keeping at it

Took the sixth form to a lecture at Brum University. It was excellent - the only problem was went to MacD's for something to eat - convenient but not appetising - I hadn't been for years. It doesn't seem any better!
This meant I didn't get home until 10.30. Which was why I didn't do my early mornign on Tuesday.

'Speedwork' with TP - it was good to go to the club and do something constructive without messing up someone else's run. Runnerbeanz has stopped going because they don't really train 'properly' - no warm up - just set off and blast it at whatever pace they can do. So a steady 4 miles run doesn't fit into it - those doing the pace he wants, want to go further. Those only doing 4 miles would not like his pace.

Another late night at school - parent's evening. So too late to get an early night and run in the morning.

A 2 mile brisk walk with a colleague - including a few hills. It was good, the Sun shone, the views were great and it didn't rain until we were coming in the school gate :>)

Out with TP for 7 miles - building back up. We have agreed that if one of us get sin to London in the club draw, we will do the long runs together - and if I get in and she doesn't she will do an autumn marathon and I'll do the long runs with her then.
Today we seemed to be getting a bit quicker - she isn't talking as much (less breath) and I am keeping going without having to think about it after the first couple of miles :>)

And then out to help at the XC where RB ran well.

Tomorrow I am off to help studentteacherbeanz move into a new place as she has split with the long term BF. That shoudl be good cross training carrying boxes.


b-z said...

sorry to hear about student beanz:(

Did you know maccy ds do salds and stuff now

Not that I eat them, but----

womble said...

I imagine you did more than box lugging today. Oh dear. It's one of those things we all have to learn I suppose.

It sounds like you and TP have a good arrangement.

I only go into McDs to use the loo. Are they for anything else?