Friday, 23 November 2007


I am feeling proper fed up.

I have never had a 'proper injury before and in the old days of the old job I'd have just have got on with it at a slower pace but now I feel guilty.
I don't feel ill just not very mobile. I am feeling guilty about my exam classes and need to be back in school.
And part of me thinks I could probably go back, but the rest of me is listening to all the people saying don't go back too soon.

I expect to go back on Monday, really can't take any more time off.

Phyzz agrees with the doctor that it is meniscus damage. She thinks not too bad - 2-4 weeks to heal. I guess that means I will not be running for that length of time. She says I should start back with the bike (yuck) and swimming - not breast stroke.

I have not been out of the house since the phyzz on Tuesday, it didn't matter until today which is glorious.

Ho Hum

whinge over


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womble said...

You're allowed to whinge, you know. You can't be a saint, domestic goddess, wonderful teacher and everything all the time!

Watch what you eat at the moment while you're not so active.

Hope you've been ok back at school this week.