Sunday, 4 November 2007

Teaching and running

I am trying to discipline the time I spend surfing - forumming, reading blogs ...... because work is pretty hectic at the moment.

I teach until 5.30 two afternoons (the other days go on until 4.15) one parents evening this last week, two in the coming week, and then there is the admin, preparation and marking to do .......

And I need to keep on top of the (not small) garden.

And I do I need my sleep - even more so if I am going to get out and run early.

OK I know we get the holidays, but that means an uneven spread of 'free time'. Just training in the holidays is not a feasible way to do it, I at least need to tick over three times a week in term time. At the moment I am only managing two runs, so something has to give if I am ever going to get out from being at the back in everything but London.

Having written that down I think that is why I want to do London again and again - because I know I will not be last.

I managed to get out and run on Tuesday morning but only a couple of miles - although I was up early enough to run further I also had some books to mark.

Saturday was the first 'long run' with TP since Amsterdam. She is still recovering from that, so we just went out for 6 miles. It was good, slow but good. We have not really chatted since the Amsterdam debacle, so she talked a lot about that - and seems more indignant than me! She did really well - she reckons she was so cross about me being pulled that it made her work hard to complete her race in good time and show the muppets what we are capable of!

She aid that she is having trouble finding someone to run with a the friendly club - the next slowest group want to run about a minute a mile quicker than she can sustain for 5 miles. On Wednesday she ran on her own, just doing speed reps along the stretch of road near the car park where we meet. So I have committed myself to going on Wednesday - and we will each do our own speed rep session then - it means we are together but not having to run together.

I have plotted out a schedule to take me to Brass Monkey, which happens to be a 12 mile weekend in Shades' 'Marathon on 3-4 runs a week schedule' so should I be running a marathon on 13th April, it will fit!

The long day on Friday finished with a parent's evenign followed by an East Midlands Curry Night - a dozen there, the usual suspects plus Plum, Rich and Trin and Tigerrunner and Mrs TR. So a good old natter. RunningTeenBeanz's coach lives in the village where we met, and was eating there too - so forumites dine alongside an international athlete!


womble said...

I think the plan for Wednesdays is good - you can still motivate each other by being there even if you're running 'together'. You can always whinge and compare notes after! Or share joy, of course. I mean, that's how we all feel after a run, isn't it?


b-z said...

se you at the brass one