Thursday, 15 November 2007


No running this week - a very stiff upper leg - probably from all the stairs last weekend :<( For the last couple of weeks I have been meaning to take my camera to school - the low morning sun has been giving the autumn leaves such colour. But now its too late - the recent rain and wind have brought most of the leaves down. But I did take my camera today and took a few pics on the way there

and on the way home:

This last one is going in my physics collection as a nice illustration of the fact that the Moon is illuminated by the Sun - and as we are doing the Solar system at the moment it will probably come out for use soon!


womble said...

Lovely lovely photos.


Sara said...

Hi Beanz, Just been catching up with your blog. Nice photos. Sorry to here about your Amsterdam experience. How disappointing. Fingers crossed for London!