Thursday, 5 April 2007

back home

well, I walked a lot, ran a couple of times

had some good wine

really relaxed

and took some pix too

A day out to Lake Garda

this path is in fact level - it just looks undulating close to - the lines in the distance are also wavy!

I just couldn't resist the tree trunk

Lake Garda on a sunny day in March (it was raining back in the home town)

back to the home town across the mountains

Up the hill
Another day and a walk on the local highpoint (I'm afraid we went most of the way up in the car!)

The sinking city
the last day and a morning in Venice before the flight home:

in Venice everything is delivered by water - even the water!

yes the sky really was this blue

I just love the variety of styles and colours ....

one of my favourite views

and now its back to everyday life - but at least I lost a pound while I was there :>))

maybe it was all the fresh veg:


sue said...

Fabulous Beanzie

Hang on to that holiday feeling as long as possible!

There's a marathon in Venice - maybe one day?

Chuggie said...

It sounds (and looks) absolutely brill, Beanz!

Like Sue said, hang onto that holiday feeling. But never mind the mara in Venice, look forward to your mara here in the Venice of the North---will be great to see you!

xxx Chuggie

b-z said...

gosh it looks beautiful

and how on earth did you manage to lose a pound!!!!!!!

beanz said...

only the half chuggie!

b-z - I lost by only eating what was cooked for me - all fresh local ingredients - and no snacking